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Personal Debt Problems

If you are struggling to pay creditors, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, experiencing sleepless nights or hiding yourself away then STOP.

Debts and the pressures they bring will not go away, they will grow and grow resulting in:-


         constant telephone calls from creditors from early morning to      

         late at night


         letters arriving from creditors or debt recovery companies

         threatening legal action


         County Court Judgements issued against you


         Charging Orders being granted meaning the debt is secured

         against your property (which could lead to the creditor    

        seeking a forced sale of the property)

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You may feel you cannot deal with your creditors, which is quite understandable, but rather than ignoring their calls or leaving post unopened pick up the telephone and talk to someone who can help. At TIS we take away your worry and headaches by dealing with your creditors directly.


We are not a "Debt factory", we will not ask you to take a quick test by filling in a form to see what is the best debt solution for you.

Without knowing all the facts and what it is you want to achieve, it is impossible to give you proper and honest advice, your situation is unique to you and that is why in the first instance we will discuss your debt problems by telephone, only then can we begin to consider possible solutions for you.


We believe it is important to meet with our clients as it allows you to ask any questions you, your partner or family might have and enables us to fully explore your situation and discuss all the possible options available together with what they mean to you.

Any initial meeting is totally free of charge and there is no obligation to engage us, indeed sometimes our assistance is not needed and armed with the advice we give you can resolve the situation and move on.


Until you have the opportunity to contact us here are some Do's and Do not's which may help.

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Hiding away is not the answer

Over 10,000 people seek help from their debts everyday in the U.K. so you are not alone

07704 475340

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Solutions We Provide


Informal Solutions:-

  • Negotiated Settlements

  • Full and Final Offers (Short Settlements)

  • Re-mortgages*

  • Equity Release*


Formal Solutions:-

  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)*

  • Bankruptcy


* Solutions provided in conjunction with our panel of experts

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Paul Thomas trades as TISolutions - FCA license FRN 686104

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