Do's and Do Not's

DO act quickly


DO seek independent expert advice, preferably someone who can offer a full range of solutions to protect you, your assets, your family and your lifestyle


DO be wary of offers of loans or funding from third parties


DO let experts deal with your debt problems so that you can focus on rebuilding your income




We appreciate that you may be receiving a number of calls or letters from companies looking to offer help, so we understand that it can be a very confusing time. Whilst you are considering what to do next, we can offer you some small pieces of advice, which you may find quite invaluable.


DO NOT sit and do nothing, your debts will not go away, on the contrary, they will grow in size


DO NOT make offers to pay your debts unless you can realistically afford them and do not pay your debts off one at a time, this can have serious consequences


DO NOT be intimidated by bailiffs or other collection agencies and never sign anything without independent professional advice


DO NOT try to borrow your way out of trouble, it never works, but it does make matters worse


ABOVE ALL, DO NOT PANIC. Call Paul Thomas now and we can start to resolve your problems together, why go through any more stress when you can start to rebuild your life TODAY.


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